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Welcome to the Pharaoh's Tomb, a Yuugiou fanfiction and fan art community. We encourage the sharing of completed works and works-in-progress here, as well as asking for the opinions of other members on the ideas that you have and/or your current stories or artwork. All that's asked is that conversations remain civil, and that no bashing towards writers/artists or towards characters occurs.

So please, feel free to join us and share your works and opinions with the community!
There are rules for this community; they aren't anything too grand or anynthing like that, just some simple, common guidelines. The community isn't moderated too strictly, but posts and comments are looked at by the moderators, and warnings will be given if anyone steps out of line. If someone is particularly cruel to other members (especially if it happens more than once), there will be a ban, but other than that it is a fairly easy-going place.

1. Please be courteous. Flaming is not allowed; constructive criticism is alright, but make sure it is actually constructive and not just you calling destructive criticism as constructive.

2. Advertising within reason is allowed. You can advertise a community if and only if you do not spam the community with your community advertisement without putting any actual post content with the advertisement. One announcement/advertisement is plenty on its own, and subsequent ones are allowed as a footnote/whatnot to your actual posts.

3. Labels are important. When posting your work here, it's helpful to everyone to be able to quickly see what they might find within. Please try to work off of this format:
    Focus Character(s):
    Paring(s) (if applicable):
    Warnings (if applicable): (sexual content, death, etc)
    Spoilers (if applicable):
    Summary: (a brief summary of one to four sentences)
    Then, either give a link to where the story/art is found or paste the story/art behind an LJ-Cut in your post.

For fan art, feel free to leave out a summary; also, any header that is followed by "(if applicable)" may be left off if there is nothing to put under them.

4. Questions are encouraged. If you feel that you are unsure of something - whether it's a rule, how many people might be interested in a certain topic, clarification on a subject and/or information, and so on - feel free to post a question to the community about it. Sharing knowledge and information helps make a community like this one grow, and is always appreciated.

5. Participate and have fun! The key to the community is to share works with each other in a friendly and open environment.
You can, of course, link to this community if you so please; it can be done via a textual link, the banner below, or the button below. We just ask that, if you use the banner or button, please don't leech it off fo Josie's web space, because that drives up how much her family pays for it. Thank you!

The Pharaoh's Tomb

The Pharaoh's Tomb is currently open to affiliation. If you have a community and are interested in affiliating to this community, please feel free to send a message to Josie with the following information:
    Community Username
    Community Name
    A short description of the community.

Current Affiliates:
    Returning Obsession
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    A Forgotten Paradise of Spirits
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